More than just demand-response

A virtual energy management system vEMS based on an internet of energy platform

Thousands of sites already connected
Public buildings
Commercial buildings
4 500sites
Remotely controled
10 000HVAC
Appliances connected
1 000 000 000+
data collected everyday
150on-site BMS
Transformed in virtual EMS
Why choose a vEMS
The consumption of your sites is too low to pay for a standard BMS from a major provider ?
You want to avoid the multiplicity of providers, web access, interlocutors ?
Need a global and accurate view of the consumption of your sites ?
You are a small or a medium business and you don't have ressources to maximize your energy efficiency ?
Voltalis vEMS is the solution to build your own custom-made BMS, with fast implementation and fast ROI

One single platform for all your Energy Needs

What can you do with a vEMS ?

Virtual Smart Thermostat
Storage Management
Astronomical Time Switches
Demand response
Autoconsumption management
and more...
A solution based on Voltalis internet of energy platform

Processing and collecting 1 billion data in real time everyday

Real-time Algorithms
The latest big data and machine learning breakthroughs
Technology agnostic
Remotely control all existing equipments brands thanks to our patented-devices
A plug&play solution
Quick installation, remote maintenance
User-friendly dashboard
Friendly as internet today

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